Ergot and ergotism by G. Barger, , Gurney and Jackson edition, in English. 16 George Barger, Ergot and Ergotism: A monograph Based on the England Historic, Geneological Society (Boston: Samuel G. Drake, ). flour or grain used for example in bread or for brewing beer, the ergot alkaloids may lead to the hor- rible disease called Barger G () Ergot and Ergotism.

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Ergot and Ergotism.

Verum, quod est mirabilius, nudatis ossibus quae truci incendio superfuerint, sanitas et soliditas cicatricibus ipsis residui corporis tanta confertur, ut videas plurimos in omni cetate et sexu utroque, brachiis jam usque ad cubitos, aut lacertis usque ad humeros absumptis, similiter, et tibiis usque ad genua, vel cruribus usque ad renes aut inguina exustis funditus et abrasis, tanquam sanissimos multa alacritate pollere Magna vita S.

It attacked not only the limbs, but also the breasts and the face De Jussieu, Paulet, Saillant and Tessier [] published a much more comprehensive history of this disease, with quotations from the chronicles, and Saillant at the same time contributed a less detailed account of convulsive ergotism, which he recognised as a separate disease.

De Febribus [Of Agues and Fevers]. The flour was later shown pharmacologically to contain at least o1 per cent, of ergot. Fuchs gives most complete references to chronicles and other sources with copious quotations; his enthusiasm has made him include a few epidemics of very doubtful nature.

Apart from buckwheat, honey and very little milkor none at allthe sole food of the peasants was rye. Villeneuve collected in a statistical table all the published clinical results which had come to his knowledge.

The fact that it was described as contagious is not much b to this view; convulsive ergotism was later often so described, since several members of a family were mostly attacked at the same time. He also reports the eating of garments and a case of scatophagy by a demented patient. The case of the gangrenous form is relatively simple: Amputation was not always favoured by the surgeons, who often preferred to leave the separation to nature.


Taube describes a number of cases; Meier [] and Orlow [], both ophthalmologists, devoted special papers to the subject.

Ergot and ergotism.

Previous record Next record. For further details of the history of ergotism in Sweden, see Ilcdboin []. Probably very few even of informed readers realize the extent of epidemics of ergotism from the tenth century onwards right down to wrgotwhen some 2 per cent.

Geographic Entities see more details the disease was known as ” peasant’s poor man man Subject Category: The bg cereal incriminated was rye, which in was often ergotised to the extent of one- eighthin one district more than half the grain was ergot. In this dissertation p. Deficiency of vitamin-A—a probable factor in convulsive ergotism. Further names connected with folk-lore seem to be: Prices of Russian and of Spanish ergot.

The gangrene was often dry and not putrefactive ; erggotism vesicles are a less prominent symptom.

After the first cases in September, the grain erogtism confiscated and the millers were fined. No precise data are available concerning the proportion of ergot in the Sologne. Mayer annd non-fatal cases ; up to per cent, ergot in the flour. Frescoes in the chapel of St Anthony at showing ergotism Magnam multitudinem virorum et mulierum mortalitas, sacer ignis, queedam pestilentia flegmatica, maxime in pago Carnotensi [Chartres] prostravit.

Much later Osiander, in his handbook of Midwifery of 1S30, in discussing the new drug ergot, says that it had long been known, particularly in Swabia, and that nearly forty years earlier therefore about the use of ergot had been forbidden to the midwives of the Palatinate.

This almost exclusive use ergootism the new rye explains the sudden outbreaks of ergotism immediately after the harvest. He further assumed that the Athenians lived on ergotised grain imported from what is now Egotism Russia, and that the home-grown grain of the Spartans was not ergotised. Bohemia, Ilanover, 6co Finland, Cancel Add to project. Read at the annual meeting of the Massachusetts Medical Society, June 2 Moreover, ergotism in man is more amenable to control than is the case with epidemic diseases.


When Ncbel of Giessen described the epidemic in Hessen and gave very good evidence that ergot was the cause of the Kriebelkrankheit, Schleger [] replied, without adducing additional experiments; in any case his doses of ergot were far too small.

Rye and ergotism became largely restricted to such barren districts as the Sologne ; but even there drainage, the digging up of the chalk subsoil, and the planting of trees have within the last sixty years enabled rye to be replaced by wheat; incidentally in the Sologne the death-rate has been reduced 1 I have been informed that, owing to the difficulty of importing straw, small plots of rye arc now being grown on Scottish farms for thatching purposes.

On the other hand it was common for all the members of a family to be attacked by convulsive ergotism —at first the disease was considered to be infectious—and cases are even on record of whole families dying from it Serine.

Juvenes etenim, senes cum junioribus, virgines etiam tenerae, in pedibus, in manibus, in mamillis, et quod gravius est, in genis exuruntur, et celeriter exstinguuntur Anselmi Gemblacensis appendix ad Sigebertum, Bouquet, xiii. Please select author name in each record! Ergot itself could not be harmful since it was merely a stick of corn sap dried in the air!

The pulse and appetite remained at first normal; sometimes there was slight vomiting. There are several accounts of an epidemic in one places it inanother in egotism. The sufferers often seemed to be bewitched, or possessed by demons; their cries could be heard four or five houses off. He found the earliest reference to ergotism in the Annalcs Xantenses for the year The same year with a eryot spring after a mild winter produced two other small outbreaks in Germany.

Rothlin of Basle for reading Chapter V.